Magix Buttons, it's all about classic fun!

If you've found your way to this website there is a good chance you sort of know what the deal is. Or at least have an idea of what kind of things you can expect to find here. Stuff concerning retro gaming... right? Well, you're certainly not wrong. But there is more. Magix Buttons is the place to go to not only if you are into retro gaming or are looking for a specific piece of retro gaming kit, we have a true passion for gaming beyond the classics.
Gaming has gotten so popular and is such a big part of our culture nowadays, it's a lot harder to define what gaming is and who exactly the gamers are that play these games. But regardless of how broad and diverse gaming has gotten, we at Magix Buttons do have a specific focus. We would best describe it as classic gaming fun. The same kind of fun found in old school videogames is fortunately still present in videogames today.

The mainstream however has sideswiped the industry and dumbed down a certain part of the market, in our modest view of course. What you won't find on Magix Buttons is anything related to big commercial and/or uninspired franchises. Unless of course they offer classic fun. Unfortunately in order to sell loads of copies and appeal to as big an audience as possible, creativity and originality often takes a backseat. Not all hope is lost though. There are still amazingly original and fun games being made, and they all have a place here on this website.
But first and foremost we love retro and classic gaming. Not just for the experience of playing some of these old masterpieces, but also for the cultural heritage they truly are. For their nostalgic value, and in case of the serious collector, their monetary value. So apart from news, cool stuff, and competitions featuring current and future games characterised by that classic fun, Magix Buttons is all about true classic and retro gaming. Additionally, you can find almost any classic game, console, stand-alone piece of hardware, or gaming collectable, in our webshop housing one of the world's largest (retro) gaming collections.
We're bringing classic fun back in a big way, and we're hoping you want to tag along for the ride